Group Work


About: Voodudes is a third-person action-adventure title where players take on the role of Virgil, a voodoo doll who must hurt himself to save the dark and comic world of New Orleans voodoo.

Developed by: Team Zombears (15 members)

Tech: UDK, UnrealScript, Photoshop

Role: Lead Programmer

Responsible for:

  • Managing team of 4 programmers
  • Maintaining schedule and technical documentation
  • Kismet Nodes for customizable Enemy Encounter System
  • Kismet Nodes to control AI for 5 seperate boss fights
  • Two player abilities:
    • Spirit Dash
    • Bone Chicken
  • Five boss abilities:
    • Rubble Throw
    • Spawn Slam
    • Gator Stun
    • AOE Bomb Summon
    • Tarot Barrier

Cyborg Ninjas on Fire 2: Reloaded

Video Coming Soon!

About: Cyborg Ninjas on Fire 2: Reloaded is an intentionally ridiculous, over-the-top, multiplayer capture the flag game designed for UDK. Players take on the roles of cyborg ninjas from rival clans: the Iga and Koga, and fight over pieces of a legendary suit of armor called the Yoroi.

Developed by: Team Eskimotorcycle (7 members)

Tech: UDK, UnrealScript, 3ds Max, Photoshop

Role: Programmer

Responsible for:

  • Implementing All Weapons
    • Kunai Gun: Primary fire slows, secondary fire teleports player
    • Shuriken Gun: Primary fire is a homing projectile, secondary fire is a bullet spray
    • Sniper Rifle: Primary fire shoots, secondary fire activates scope
  • Capture the Flag Modification: Neutral Flag, Flag Stealing
  • Adding Particle Effects to Weapons and Players
  • Network Support and Bugfixing

GPU Based Particle Simulation

About: A GPU-based particle simulation of the cannonical particle effects (explosion, fireworks, fountain, and smoke) using DirectX11 compute shaders. The particles are additionally run through a geometry shader to create billboards and dynamically light the particles.

The compute shader performs swept sphere collision detection to simulate collision with the model of the Earth. The user can interact with the simulation using the mouse to push and pull particles, adjust the camera orientation, and pause the simulation.

The simulation can comfortably scale to 1 million particles. All computations are done in 3D and in real time.

This project was co-developed with Reuben Friesen

Tech: C++, DirectX 11, HLSL

Role: Programmer

Download the Demo:


About: Deep in outer space, a very special sloth, captured by aliens, dreams of returning home. During an experiment the aliens accidentally gave her the ability to teleport, and she became...TELESLOTH!

Telesloth is a fast-paced arcade sidescroller, where players take control of Telesloth, a genetically enhanced teleporting sloth. The player must use Telesloth's teleportation abilities, as well as her resistance to energy fields, to escape through the alien ship's air ducts.

Developed by: Team Trilobyte (3 members)

Tech: C#, TorqueX 2D, Microsoft XNA

Role: Sole Programmer

Responsible for:

  • Implementing all gameplay mechanics
    • Teleport
    • Shields and Laser Stunners
    • Constant Movement and Speedup Over Time
    • Arcade Mode with Player Score
  • Adjustable Random Level Generation
  • Scripted Cutscenes and Character Behavior Sets
  • Camera Modification (follow player with offset, shake)

Space Corps

About: Space Corps is a 2D multiplayer game where two players control a turret mounted to their home base. Players must shoot down opposing units to protect their base, and can buy units to attack the enemy base.

Developed by: Team Space Hax (5 members)

Tech: C++, OpenGL

Responsible for:

  • Turret Fire Gameplay Mechanic
  • Renderer and Keyboard Input Classes
  • Menu System, HUD, and Level Select